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For the first time in Antitrust history, the victims have to pay the culprit … Google price comparison Case in EU: pouring big money works!

Frédéric LAMBERT

When Google was fined 2.4 B in June 2017 for abusing his dominance in the price comparison market in Europe, the Antitrust body under Mme Vestager decided to let Google build the compliance mechanism on his own term to stop his own abuse.

At the same time, Google began pouring millions of euros on Bruxelles, on Think thanks , on Lobbies, on Lawyers : this invisible money has a very concrete and very visible result today: the compliance mechanism seems to be agreed in secret by the Antitrust team and Mme Vestager. People of the industry who met the team and Mme Vestager in 2018 and 2019 in Bruxelles were all stricken by the fact they were acting like Google lobbyist and defending the mechanism that only Google likes …

The compliance mechanism is rotten at his core: The victims of Google have to buy clicks on the culprit, Google to make up the lost organic legitimate traffic : the more the victims give money to Google, the more the mechanism is compliant in the eyes of Mme Vestager who stated that she was happy to see  » 70% of Ad from competitors in Google box « . It is totally false to consider buying Ads on Google a way to get away from 10 years of demonetization in the core business of Google , the Search. Competitors were always able to buy clicks on Google, nothing has change.

Before Google was fined and when the market was thriving, the competitors of Google didn’t have to buy traffic on Google. Now 2 years after the fine , they have to buy traffic on Google … does it make sense ? the solution is worst now and it is very troubling how the Antitrust team favors Google behind the doors, the time Google has exploded his lobbyist efforts in Bruxelles. The actual compliance mechanism will let Google get back his 2.4 billions fined, payed by his competitors !

Mme Ursula Von der Leyen, please, don’ t be afraid of Google, ask your new Antitrust team to work in the interest of European consumers and European companies : Please fine Google again for 2 years of non compliance to let Google know that he is not above the law.

Thank you!

Frederic LAMBERT is the manager of the price comparison engine fredericl()

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