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14 Juillet 2018 Dear Commissioner Vestager ( english)

RE: AT.39740 – Google Search (Shopping)

European Commission
Rue de la Loi / Wetstraat 200
1049 Brussels
Mai 2018
Dear Commissioner Vestager,

I write this letter in english and not in french to be sure that you read it directly. Your last declaration at the press stating “ that you notice more visibility of CSS in Google Auction box “ made us very anxious about the information you get from the Antitrust team and from Google :

You don’t seems to know that the visibility and the click on the Auction remedy you talk about is not for the CSS but for one of the shop the CSS compare ( no comparison, no best price for the consumer),

You don’t seems to know that CSS are experiencing a continuous fall in Google organic search since the implement of the remedy in September 2017 ( lost more than 100.000 visits compare to the same period the year before. We gave those facts at a meeting with the Antitrust team in Bruxelles in February 2018 ) ,

you don’t seems to know that the more trustworthy real CSS are not on a Click Auction business model and therefore cannot compete on the Auction remedy : that is why your declaration hurts us the most : you don t seems to make a difference between very bad actors (their job is to resell clics under the disguise of Comparison ) and the good ones ( their job is to compare price) .

If it was in the News industry, would you put in the same category The Walt street Journal and a Advertising from Walmart because they both have Texte and Pictures? Why would you do that with the price comparison market?

A few weeks ago began to appears in Google Box so call remedy a lot of new false CSS , that where just created by Ad agencies under the umbrella of Google, to compete in the remedy and make it look better. Google is creating his own competitors by giving short term intensive ( 20% ) to Ad agency. Will you accept to fall into this new Google Trap ?

Google have demonetize our website for years and he continues to do so today in july 2018 . We were very sad to notice that you thought the Ad remedy was in the good direction last year : it’s a AD system! How could you force us to Buy Ad on Google, the company you say abuse his dominance and you condemned 2.5 Billions? How buying Ad on his main Abusive competitor could be the solution? Your Antitrust team is too focus on Google vision of what a CSS is … ( for them and Google an Ad systeme) and not in the interest of European consumers and the competitors.

People in Europe 10 years ago were finding easily the best price of a same product in a few clicks. Today the market Is dead and it’s hard and confusing to find easily the best price, using Google who has 95% market share in Europe. With the Auction Ad remedy, the price difference between the best price and the average price goes into Google pocket, not in the European consumer pocket who cannot easily compare price with unbiased price comparison engine. is a unbiaised French price comparison engine since 1998. He was award a lot of good press for years and was named “ site préféré de sa categorie “ by Harris Interactive in 2011, 2012, 2014.

Best regards Frederic LAMBERT CEO
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